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BLANC BURGERS + BOTTLES is a modern Kansas City burger concept created by Jenifer and Ernesto Peralta. Blanc features an extensive selection of Kansas City craft beers as well as selections from around the world. Locally sourced ingredients from local companies are utilized whenever possible to support the community. Blanc takes great pride in being a Kansas City restaurant serving the best Kansas City burger available.

Blanc opened its first location in March of 2008 in Westport, a historic marker turned entertainment district, in Kansas City, Missouri. Westport is an old Civil War town known for the Battle of Westport. The majority of the buildings are historic and the interiors consist of dark wood tones and rich, deep colors. When Ernesto decided to open in Westport, Jenifer knew Blanc should look fresh and new and would have to stand out from the others. What better way than to dress the space white (“Blanc” means white in French)? So it came about Blanc’s name was inspired by its first location in Westport.

The Peraltas, alongside some very talented chefs, dreamed of taking the burger, an American staple, and turning it into something gourmet. They wished to reintroduce the soda bottle to a new generation and to expose unusual varieties of beer being brewed today, locally and from all over the world. They wanted to bring this concept to a demographic that appreciated a local concept, quality ingredients, and a modern atmosphere.

When you visit either Blanc Burgers + Bottles location you will be treated to the highest quality burger available. Our chefs spend countless hours experimenting with different combinations of ingredients to find flavors that complement each other. Whether you choose one of our 100% beef burgers or one of our chicken sandwiches, you will appreciate the combinations of flavors that you can find nowhere else. Blanc strives daily to provide the best Kansas City burger available anywhere.

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